Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Guide to Upasana

Guru : The Primordial Deepam.

       The Guru occupies an eminent place in manthra yoga; he is identified with the manthra and the Devata. The first invocation is to the guru who initiated the sadhaka. Guru is brahma, vishnu siva or maheshwara and Supreme brahman.

       The Ordinary mortal is a lamp without a wick and oil. Guru lights the lamp by initiating him into manthra yoga with upasana: he lifts the sadhaka on the spiritual ladder.

Engraving of Yanthras :

    For each devata or manthra there is a corresponding yanthra. Yanthra is the body and manthra is the soul. Every upasaka will have a yanthra for worship or for pooja. the yanthras are engraved in sandalwood plank,copper silver, or gold plate. yanthras engraved in Gold is 100 times effective than one engraved on copper. it is easy and good when the yanthras are made from sandalwood. there should not be any defect with sandal wood.

Sri Bala is the first Goddess in Sakthism:

    In days gone by, everyone  will be initiated into Bala manthra, and upasana. at the time of upanayan ceremony. Nowadays the sandhya vandhana its self is on loose sands. a deplorable situation the Brahmin community should take note of , according to the siddhas, Sri bala is goddess of eight years old.