Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Guide to Upasana

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Sri Bala is the commanding deity of all siddhis(Supernatural Mystic, Psychic and all divine powers). The siddhas of tamil nadu got all beneficiaries by worshiping bala. in bala dharan yanthram. Sri bala must be worshiped,meditated before and at sunrise and sunset during japa. White lotus , White flowers with fragrance and kumkumam made from turmeric must be used for archana. Bala must be meditated as having a japa mala book vara and abhaya hastha with red colour of rising sun.Bala manthra japa will give oratorical poetical powers personal magnetism and all worldly desires and ultimate freedom from bondage. to get oratorical powers one should wear a mala made of nuts of white lotus after a considerable number of bala manthra japa. A bala upasaka must develop a high degree of memory power. the sequence of bala upasana is as follows 1. Bala Manthra japa, 2 Bala Kavacha 3. Bala Vasekarana manthra. If one worships bala in a ynathra engraved in white sandlawood, for forty five days, they can get eminence. Bala upasaka must always chant the bala manthra mentally, After bath and japa of bala manthra under a aswatha tree before and at sun rise one can get manthra siddhi bala must be worshiped at sandhya kala, with manthra thanthra secret Archana.

Navagraha Peetahara Sthothra :

             This Sthothra mala will remove the malefic effects of planets and will give benefits.One Should read the sthothra of one's dasanathan first and read the sthothra of the graha representing the day, and read all sthothra once. By this one can get the good graceof the Navagrahas.

Yaga Sala Japam:

             An Upasaka must be present in the place where a havan (Homam) is conducted for propitiating his devatha of upasana(or Upasana deity ). Japa Perfomed in that place will be definitely fruitful.

Japamala - Rudhraksha Mala :
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